I Ask the Question

I ask the question, “Do flowers ever feel lonely or gloomy? Do they ever feel the pain that life brings?”  Well, we may never know, because in the cold or heat of the day, they display such strength and beauty and with sweet aroma fulfilling their Master’s will. Dear, friends, whenever you feel lonely or gloomy, just look at the flowers; pick one, smell it! Their beauty and sweet perfume will brighten your day. Don’t look at the thorns; look at the flowers! Don’t look at the lonesomeness; look at the peace that God gives! Remember, you will never gain victory unless there is a fight, and you will never be defeated until you have given-up. The trials of our lives are not navigated by our inability to fight; they only come to steer us into a new direction and to give us a brighter beginning.

May the peace of God be with you

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