Health Ministry

Within the body of Christ no one is exempt from becoming ill. People have developed ailments from the common cold or flu to deadly diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Regardless of one’s plight, we can be assured the Lord’s desire is for us to be in good health.

According to the Affordability Care Act established in 2009, the State of Florida has the largest proportional underinsured population than any other State. As healthcare professionals, we believe God has allowed us to be in a place of influence to affect change within the body of Christ and to our surrounding communities.

Growing concerns of a rapidly declining healthcare system calls for the body of Christ to be equipped with information that can optimize our health, so we can live physically fit. The Health Team at First United is committed to providing educational resources and information that will enhance the church and surrounding community. The Team serves as a conduit by presenting various topics such as, hypertension, diabetes, depression, and prostate cancer, to name a few, as well as perform screening for blood pressure and nutritional information to its members.

In addition, with the assistance of our community partners, an annual health fair is organized that provides resources to assist our congregation and friends in achieving the healthy life style that God desires for us to attain. As we endeavor to serve the body of Christ and surrounding community, we pray that lives will be enriched to build the Kingdom of Heaven.