Mens Ministry

The Men’s Ministry at First United’s goal is to assist our men in developing a zeal for God in all areas of their life. With the support of the mature brothers, the young men are mentored in conducting their lives to reflect the Omni-presence of God internally, which ultimately will be manifested externally in the church and at home. As the men are the head of the home, their presence is vital for the success of the family structure. Men are commanded to love their wives as Christ also loved the church (Eph 5:23 & 25).

Further, the Ministry continues its vibrancy in spreading the word of the good news of salvation, as reflected each fourth Sunday in its brotherhood service, as well as the annual Men’s Conference held in May of each year. The Conference focuses on relevant biblical themes, expounding on the Word of God, and the importance of living holy as a means to continually maintain the presence of God in one’s daily life. Various men of God and other Saints, locally and from different regions, attend the conference.

Another mission and goal of the Ministry is centered around volunteerism. Our brothers help the fatherless and widows in times of need. Additionally, they also ensure the upkeep of the church by joining hands to repair, renovate and, or expand the Sanctuary. They are always willing to share their talent; reflective of time, energy and expertise, to accomplish a cause.

It is the desire of the Ministry to move forward as “Onward Christian Soldiers,” in acquiring the goals set forth, knowing that their strength cometh from the Lord and His blessings are always with them.

God Bless!