Music Ministry

Music is a vital facet to any ministry. Through music, the atmosphere can be changed, people’s burdens are lightened, and yokes destroyed. Psalms 150, instructs God’s people to praise the Lord in the sanctuary, praise Him with the various instruments such as trumpets, harps, the loud sounding cymbals, and our ten instruments; however, it concludes by commanding everything that hath breath “… praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord”.

At First United, we are blessed not only with music, but singing through our choirs such as the children’s, youth and adult. Each choir provides another layer of worship which invokes the presence of God. The adult choir ministers every Sunday and has been requested to sing at several churches locally and in various locations in the State of Florida.

As youth is a time to serve the Lord, the young people at First United have embraced their God-giving gifts by lifting their voices in beautiful harmony during special occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and our annual Youth Explosion. The children’s ministry is also thriving, and the word of God consistently reminds us of the importance of children. Our children take delight in having the opportunity to minister as a choir and are also involved in cooperate worship by making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Our praise and worship team is another extension of the music ministry. The team is responsible for leading the church into worship every Sunday morning and during special events. As the Holy Spirit searches the hearts and the needs of the people, the praise team is very sensitive to the move of God, allowing song selections to be guided under His inspiration.

As we make a joyful noise unto the Lord, we hope that you’ll join us and gain strength through the raising of our voices together in worship. He alone is truly worthy to receive our praise and glory, so let’s lift Him higher on one accord and exalt His holy name... Good Bless!