youth ministry

Youth is a time to serve the Lord. Without a vibrant youth ministry, the church of tomorrow will not continue the mission given at the conception of the church. In I Timothy 4:12, Paul encourages his young protégé, to not allow anyone to despise his youth, but rather, he must be an example of the believer in conduct and conversation. Likewise, First United reinforces the necessity of our youths to live a godly and chaste life in the sight of God.

Youth Fellowship is a weekly service occurring every Friday evening. During this time, our youth are challenged with the word of God through various means such as, bible teaching, acting, Apologetics exercises, memory verse challenge, and reciting the First United Creed. Our goal is to foster and cultivate spiritual growth in our youth so they will be able to stand against the wiles of the devil, maintain their spiritual purity, and be ready for the coming of our Lord.